Monday, June 12, 2017

GOP members of congress won't censure Sessions, as they did Holder

Don't lay any bets on the GOP-run US Senate finding Attorney General and known liar Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress should he again 'forget' during sworn testimony Tuesday about his multiple meetings with Russian officials during Trump's campaign and Presidential 'transition.'
Jeff Sessions, official portrait.jpg
Or if Sessions were to forget any of the meetings' details, like discussion of sanctions, or knowing that Trump intended inappropriately to pressure FBI Director James Comey to tank the Mike Flynn probe in the closed-door meeting where Sessions abandoned Comey to Trump's demands for personal, not national loyalty.

Or if Sessions knew Comey's firing was coming - - all this and more despite Sessions' pledged recusal from all investigative-things-Trump-and-Russia - - a pledge to which Sessions has held.

But remember that GOP Congressional members hit former Attorney General Holder with an historic censure - - something Sessions already deserves because he is not new to this, in Paul Ryan-Speak - - but which Special Counsel Robert Mueller can repair by charging Sessions or naming him an unindicted co-conspirator that would bring Sessions' AG service to a screeching, deserved halt.

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