Friday, June 9, 2017

Walker-Trump photo June 13, only 10k

I predicted Walker wouldn't miss it for the world.
Get a picture with President Trump and Governor Walker for $10,000


Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather. I wonder how long it will be that the Journal will refuse to mention that Walker also took money from the pro-Putin Ukranian "businessman".

Anonymous said...

Funny how JS watchdog reports are almost exclusively about making dems look bad. Just look at the hack-job done on a recent candidate who announced he was thinking of a run. And while Paul Soglin got better coverage, the point is this: The media bias of MSJ has not changed since its merger and the investigative reports have degenerated to propaganda.

So MJS wants to claim to have an ace investigative report, if they actually published real news in the Milwaukee paper, they would be able to carry it nationally. And Walker's collusion with Russia is not allowed in Wisconsin's biggest paper.

Doesn't pass the smell test. But then again, no one should take anything published by Gannett at face value, especially the pro-Walker Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Been wondering why no one in Wisconsin has run with this story on Walker taking Russia money.

On a different note, what kind of amoral lowlife would pay $10K for access and a picture with those scumbuckets. Guess we'll find out on Walker's next campaign finance filing