Saturday, June 24, 2017

Updating Wisconsin budget deadline fail

This predictable Saturday news story:

State officials have already missed their deadline to pass a budget — it's just that not everyone has realized it yet. 
Updates this June 13 blog posting:
Wisconsin GOP State Senate Majority Leader and Senior FantasyLand elf Scott Fitzgerald said on Mike Gousha's Sunday morning newsmaker show that he's hoping that the Legislature wraps up work on the state budget by July 1.
And teaches you something about the dysfunction in Walker's GOP-led state government, where GOP legislators threw out most of Walker's proposed line items, now can't agree on substitutes and don't have a clue about which of your pockets to pick to fix the transportation budget Walker and his road-building legislative servants have drowned in borrowing and red ink, let alone the potholes and project backlogs also spreading across the political environment.

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