Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WI GOP fracture over budget not Kansas yet, but...

The dam has finally broken in Kansas, where GOP legislators are finally saying "no" to GOP Gov. Sam Brownback's Koch-inspired public sector destruction, so keep a close eye on Wisconsin, where our own slash-and-burn GOP Gov. and perpetual candidate Scott Walker has lost control of his budget and is facing open revolt in the Assembly.

The GOP-controlled legislature has its own strain of Walker fatigue syndrome; whether Democrats can exert any real control of the situation is at best unclear, and as I said the other day, it's not known which services Walker and then Legislature will cut to fund the road expansions to which all these special-interest directed Republicans are deeply bound.

Including Assembly leader Robin Vos, who wants to give the road-builders more and more money right now because he has his eye on Walker's job.

But as the Kansas indicates, sometimes these GOP public-sector killers go too far and opportunities for progress arise which not much earlier had seemed impossible.

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