Thursday, June 22, 2017

More material about state park, related preservation for 6/23 comment deadline

I've been calling attention to a regularly-scheduled meeting next week by the oversight Wisconsin Natural Resources Board where there will be a discussion of possible amendments to the master plan for the popular Kohler Andrae State Park.

Amendments to the park master plan could lead to the loss of state parkland and related changes that would facilitate the construction of a privately-owned high-end golf course on an adjacent 247-acre nature preserve woodlands, wetlands, and rare dunes along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

This is happening while there is also a push by the golf course developer to have the nature preserve quickly annexed to the City of Sheboygan, effectively foiling objections to the project in the  much smaller Town of Wilson where the nature preserve is located. 

Though the oversight board's meeting is across the state in St. Croix County, public comments can be filed electronically about the matter by Friday, June 23rd at 11:00.  

Email them to 

Also: Here is a link to a substantial file of comments and attachments already sent to the oversight board by the grassroots preservationist organization Friends of the Black River Forest making clear why it is against the giveaway of public land for the benefit of one private owner.

As the former Kohler Andrae State Park park superintendent has said, where's his acreage there for a hotdog stand?

Anyway, please send in a comment that supports the integrity of Kohler Andrae State Park and maintains the nature preserve's land, water and native cultural legacies.

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Jim Maurer said...

It is no longer possible to send individual Natural Resources Board members emails.
"Email to Board members
Due to spam and virus issues, please send email for Board members to the Board Liaison, who will forward it to Board members for their consideration."
Doesn't the "Liaison" have the same "spam and virus issues" ? It's just a tactic to limit access and squelch opposition.
I sent the following to the WNRB:
WI Natural Resources Board Liaison Ross,

I am in complete opposition to selling off any part of any Wisconsin State Park and specifically Kohler-Andrae State Park.
It sets a dangerous president that will give developers and special interests a foot in the door for dismantling our State Parks.
This proposed chipping away at Kohler-Andrae is one of the most outrageous proposals that I have heard to date.
The DNR is supposed to be protecting and maintaining our Park system not subdividing and diminishing it for private sector profit.
Jim Maurer
3707 West Kilbourn Avenue
Milwaukee WI. 53208-3112