Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There's only 1 question for Ron Johnson this holiday weekend

Here's what reporters and constituents should ask Ron Johnson if they see him over the July 4th Congressional break:
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
"Please explain this contradiction of your own making."

*  The conservative Washington Examiner reported earlier this week you said that the Senate bill would include no cuts to Medicaid

“I don’t think anybody is proposing any cuts,” Mr. Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, said on MSNBC.
*  Today the Washington Examiner reported
The Republican healthcare draft legislation released by the Senate last week would cause 22 million more people to become uninsured over a decade..."

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Raven said...

There’s no contradiction. Focus on the first three words: “I don’t think....”

That’s true. He doesn’t. He takes his pay and follows the party line.

Whatever the truth of the rest of the statement may be has nothing to do with what he thinks about it.

This is like giving as an answer under oath, not “yes” or “no”, but “I don't recall”.

It doesn't make an empirical [provable or disprovable] claim about the real-world events at issue, so it can’t become the basis of perjury charges. As Ronald Reagan advised his White House staff while they prepared to testify for Iran-Contra, “Nobody can prove that you do recall.”