Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Not a travel ban, but Walker's thinking Illinois travel tax

Right-wing GOP Wisconsin Governor and increasingly insignificant state politician Scott Walker throws out a legally-dubious fiscal triviality that is aimed more at intensifying animus against Illinois residents and less about raising the kind of serious money needed to fix potholes and finish the road-building Walker has allowed to fester all these years:

His brainstorm:

Strategically placed toll collections at the borders to ding our neighbors to the south when they're heading for the Dells or their cabins or deer stands up North.

Of course, Wisconsinites would have pay the tolls if they're coming back from a weekend in Chicago or visiting Grandma in the Twin Cities.

This is what passes for leadership from Walker these days

and is why the Legislature threw out his original Transportation Department budget and many other non-transportation proposals to write their own.

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