Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wisconsin Republicans should take responsibility for all things Trump

I know it's overstating the obvious, but as 'President' Donald Trump went golfing after sliming a grief-stricken London, it's a good time to remember that:

* Right-wing WI GOP Gov. and perpetual candidate/professional politician Scott Walker

took a $15,000 campaign donation from Trump, spoke for him at the GOP nominating convention and will host him in Wisconsin for more fundraising on June 13 despite what we now know about Trump's cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin, his slush fund bank and The Various Russian Oligarchs.

* Walker and the rest of the Wisconsin GOP establishment - - from Reince Priebus to Paul Ryan to Ron Johnson to F. James Sensenbrenner to Sean Duffy to Glenn Grothman and nearly every right-wing radio talk show host and business leader statewide - - told us repeatedly that Trump was the best person for the most important job in the world.

* And helped swing Wisconsin's crucial electoral votes Trump's way.

Since the GOP and the far-right are big on taking responsibility for one's actions, how about they each issue a release acknowledging that Trump is all theirs.

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