Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A weak Trump thrives on weak staffers

Donald Trump may believe that bluster, hyperbole, displays of gold-plated wealth and inveterate bullying are manifestations of command and strength, but his grindingly negative polling indicates that beyond his committed base, people see through Trump and his paper thin, intrinsically weak facade.

Here's another negative Trump shares  with similarly-insecure leaders, whether in politics or industry:

Weak leaders need, seek out and are enabled by weak subordinates willing to be humiliated by basic bully boss shallowness.
Reince Priebus CPAC 2017 by Michael Vadon.jpg
Sean Spicer, having been repeatedly boss-shamed by Trump, is a perfect example. 

Spicer's voluntary continuation on the payroll shouts he's willing to swallow whole Trump's intentional meanness - - sniping at Spicer's clothing, stage presence, communication prowess, and even a clearly visible exclusion despite Spicer's reportedly serious Catholicism from Team Trump's Papal visit.

Reince Priebus is another willing victim trading respect for a big job with a big title  - - White House Chief of Staff - - regardless of how many times Trump demeans him or hangs him out to dry.

Take a look at this fresh public humiliation Trump and his true believers dumped on his chief of staff
President Donald Trump has given White House chief of staff Reince Priebus until Independence Day on July 4 to get the White House in order or lose his job.
Trump gave Priebus the ultimatum just days after returning to Washington from a nine-day foreign trip last month, according to two administration officials and three outside advisers who spoke with Politico.
Multiple sources told the publication that Trump berated Priebus for dysfunction in the White House in front of Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and deputy campaign manager David Bossie during a meeting in the Oval Office. Trump then gave Priebus the deadline.
Yet there was Priebus yesterday, groveling on live TV at the now-infamously embarrassingly Trump Cabinet meeting/organized sycophancy saying it was "a blessing" to serve.

Deifying Trump?  

Are there no limits to one's self-inflicted abasement by those in Trump's orbit as they curry his favor? Are there no the praise Trump needs to convince himself he's legit?

Real public servants and citizens would have quit these jobs weeks ago, and made clear that gratifying Trump's ego at the expense of their own integrity and larger truths serves not one iota of the public interest.

The longer these Trump staffers swallow these humiliations, the less effective they become and the more that Trump and his worst tendencies are  emboldened - - all a prescription for the very dysfunction Trump is purported to dislike because even if resignations or firings actually take place, what sane person would step into an environment where loyalty runs only one way and family members have a special status and immunity that automatically relegate outsiders to second-class standing. 

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