Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump: 'We'll keep Walker in Wisconsin for a little while'

Donald is in Kenosha/campaigning pretending to push 'Buy American, Hire American' despite his own businesses' history of Buy Foreign, Hire Foreign,' and at the opening of his remarks said two interesting things before bragging as he does in his parallel, fact-free universe about his do-little first 100 days:

*  He twice referred to absent Paul Ryan (he's at a NATO meeting) as "Ron." The real Ron Johnson, like right-wing GOP Gov. and perpetual candidate Scott Walker, was in the audience and both were egiven Trump shoutouts.

* When reminding the real Ron that he needs to help Ryan get NATO pay more into the organization's budget, he absolved Walker of that task because he was in in Wisconsin, adding with a smile that 'we'll keep Scott in Wisconsin for a little while.'

So is there s job for Walker with Team Trump in the works?

Does Rebecca Kleefisch sneak in as Governor as I had earlier speculated, icing out Wisconsin's new road-building King Robin Vos, or encouraging a primary?

Stay tuned.  

Update: Spotted Walker, Grothman, Scott Fitzgerald on stage for a few minutes after Trump finished his remarks.

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Anonymous said...

Trump's comment about keeping Walker in WI a little longer could be interpreted more than one way. He could be saying they are going to appoint him to something in Washington in the future or he could be saying they are going to run someone against him for Guv. I wouldn't put it past Vos to look for help from Trump against Walker. Or really any of the GOP state leadership. None of them would pass up the opportunity to be king of FitzWalkerstan.