Sunday, April 30, 2017

Who's displacing Scott Walker as WI special interest King?

This guy - - Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.
Picture of Representative Robin Vos

* Vos is the key legislative Friend of the Road-Builders who wants in the pending state budget to outspend long-time highways' over-spender champion Scott Walker by an extra $300 million.

* And Vos is the key lawmaker who lined up his special-interested Attorney General ally to draft the opinion giving legal cover to big business' hand-delivered demands now speeding in bill fashion through the Assembly Tuesday to give permanent control of Wisconsin groundwater by the multiple billions of gallons of free groundwater forever - - regardless of the downstream impacts and cumulative effects on neighbors' wells.

Big Ag. Big Dairy, the WMC, and more  - - count 'em, here.

And throw in road-builders?

Quite the deep pockets, Bucky.

So when Scott Walker leaves office for a Trump ambassadorship or Koch brothers-financed soft landing, Vos will be well-positioned to rake in all the big donor cash he needs to push Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch aside to provide the state's most powerful special interests with all all the certainty they can afford.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Walker will get a job in this administration. He might get a job going to fund-raisers for the RNC. He is good at bullsh!t so that would be a good fit for him. As for Vos being governor...hmmm. He is more repulsive than even Walker but I can see where he might be nominated when the GOP realizes Walker is a has-been. Will he win? I guess so if they pump enough money into the election and disenfranchise enough voters.