Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pre-existing conditions snagging Trumpcare, Walker highways' mess

[Updated] There is a circular firing squad blasting away over the Wisconsin transportation mess.

Wisconsin GOP Speaker Leader Robin Vos, GOP Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP-affiliated Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce are fighting openly over out-of-control and inefficient highway spending in Wisconsin.

Vos wants the I-94 North/South expansion finished, the WMC wants I-94 East/West expansion completed and Walker won't OK new taxes to pay for all these and unfunded new construction he'd begun but can't pay for.

It all looks like Donald Trump and Paul Ryan fighting with various GOP factions over repealing and replacing Obamacare.
Let's just say that the Wisconsin highways are FUBAR like the GOP's paralysis over health care.

Both have their roots in political pre-existing conditions.

(5:18 p.m. correction: Vos title corrected to Speaker.)

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Anonymous said...

And two of our state's elected officials have introduced a bill requiring incorporated communities to match percentage of rural unpaved roads AND city unpaved roads.

Welcome to our gravel Main Street in Community XYZ, in 21st Century Wisc under Walker.