Monday, April 10, 2017

WisDOT flunks State Patrol recruitment diversity

Props to these new WI State Patrol officers.

Boo to Walker and WisDOT for a Diversity Outreach Fail:
Congratulations to all of the Wisconsin State Patrol officers sworn in today. We are proud of you!


Anonymous said...

I see some diversity. There are short white guys, tall white guys, white guys with dark hair, white guys with light hair, and I'm pretty sure I see a white woman in there too, not sure if her eyes are blue though.

Sue said...

Off topic, but I don't see a contact button.

James Rowen said...

Not following what you mean. To what?

Sue said...

I would have emailed it to you but didn't see a contact button.
I thought it might interest you.

Anonymous said...

I see an Asian but get your point. Mostly balding white men.