Thursday, April 6, 2017

New issue of doomed DNR magazine freshly relevant

I thought I'd share some highlights from the new issue of WISCONSIN Natural Resources, the popular, 100% subscriber-supported magazine which Gov. Scott Walker and Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp plan to kill next year - - the magazine's 100th, by the way.

* The story "Discover the wonder of Woodland Dunes" is an informative piece about a 1,300-acre preserve in Two Rivers "on the Lake Michigan shoreline just south of the Door County peninsula."

The article says the site had heritage significance "because of its rare and special terrain offering a great diversity of habitats: marsh, edge meadow, shrub cart, old field, native grassland and the rare forested dunes and swales."

Sounds an awful lot like the nature preserve with its rare dunes and wetlands which may be greenlit by the DNR for conversion into a high-end golf course adjacent to and intruding into Kohler Andrae State Park along Lake Michigan south of Sheboygan.

*  And in light of the DNR's scrubbing of climate science information and links from its webpages, I loved the Letter to the Editor titled "Use science based sources in magazine." 

A reader took issue with the magazine's apparent use of Wikipedia as a source in a 2016 article, saying:

"The DNR is an organization that should be protecting and managing our resources using scientific data...In a society where facts and falsehoods are hard to distinguish and science seems to be under attack, the DNR should make a much greater attempt to provide factual information with solid documentation."


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