Thursday, April 13, 2017

Badger disconnect: Trump ticks off Mexico, WI wants more trade

First there was the announced Wisconsin trade mission to Mexico despite Trump's wall-building and push for import taxes that could lead to a trade war.

Now there's an organized push to sell more Wisconsin dairy products to Mexico.

What makes Wisconsin business and GOP political leaders think Mexico is interested in buying more Wisconsin products while Trump is taking bids on the border wall, breaking apart families through high-profile, shameful deportations and is demanding tha NATFA be renegotiated to disadvantage Mexican businesses to benefit US firms.

So how much of this emphasis on international trade is public relations to help poorly-polling right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker prepare his bid for a third term and how much is Market Expansion 101?

And is Walker's endorsed-for-President Trump going to convince Canada to again start accepting Wisconsin milk exports? The deadline for the shutoff is May 1.

About all of this - - we'll see.


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