Thursday, April 6, 2017

New Trump? Hardly.

I saw some talking heads and DC media over the last 24 hours trying to promote A New Trump because he spoke to mainstream reporters, pulled Steve Bannon off the National Security Council and expressed a human emotion for the first time about a war crime carried out in Syria by his BFF Putin's BFF Assad.

Call me when Trump pulls back his horrible dismantling of the EPA, blocks the Justice Department's disturbing 'reviews' of settlements with local police departments that address systematic brutality and discrimination, stops with the Muslim bans and brutal ICE raids, reverses the completely unprincipled upending of Internet privacy, drops his disgraceful backing for fellow creep Bill O'Reilly, moves away from dangerous cuts to Obamacare health insurance coverages, decides that coddling dictators is not a US foreign policy and apologizes to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice - - and to the American people for being an unpresidential bully and menace for the last year and a half.

Until then, like the New Nixon, the new Trump is the same as the old one.

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