Monday, April 24, 2017

WI highway-building, Walker re-election move to the fore

WI Republican pols are coming home to their core values, so hold your nose.

Under right-wing-one-party-GOP rule, and led by Governor and road-builders' compliant/career campaigning politician Scott Walker, Wisconsin's ruling party is getting ready to put highway construction above clean water, pothole repairs, transit upgrades, health-care expansion, social programs - - and always, always with another shot at the poor, which has been his routine.

As Walker and the Legislature he controls do their dance about 'fixing' the transportation budget he has damaged for years while protecting Walker's 2018 bid for a third term.

And so the 'save-Walker/back slap the road-builders/screw the people' agenda is closer to reality
Gov. Scott Walker on Monday latched onto the possibility of funneling money from the state’s main account toward highways to try to help solve Wisconsin’s road funding woes... 
The general fund is made up of collections from income taxes, sales taxes and a host of other taxes and fees and is used to fund schools, the University of Wisconsin System, health care for the poor and elderly and numerous other programs.
I've been warning about just this scenario:
At risk along with some major highway schedules: local street aids and transit, already underfunded, and social programs which could be raided for dollars turned into concrete. 
No surprise.

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