Thursday, April 6, 2017

WI GOP's highway firing squad hits Walker

Right-wing WI GOP Gov. and lifetime highway over-spender Scott Walker now knows his legislative 'allies' are scrapping his no-new-taxes/no-actual-highways budget 'plan and will cave to the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the road-builders in a power struggle I posted about yesterday.

Open records, State Capitol reporters and historians will help determine if this was the plan all along so Walker can still run in '18 as the no-new-taxes purist while legislators take heat from the ideological right's no-government/no new taxes crowd.

At risk along with some major highway schedules: local street aids and transit, already underfunded, and social programs which could be raided for dollars turned into concrete.

Stay tuned.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

They'd still have to vote to add taxes or spending, but it definitely seems to be heading that way. But now it becomes a question of whether there enough money to take care of these things without borrowing another $500 mil.

Lotta games to be played here. My guess is a lot of those absurd Walker poses on property taxes, UW tuition and a $1-a-week income tax go out the window to pay for these needs

Anonymous said...

My guess is that there will be further cuts to state agencies and schools to pay for it but we will see.