Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wisconsin Republicans find new way to be the Pollution Party

[Updated from 4/15/17] Wisconsin Republicans just can't stop being the Pollution Party.

Now right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his 'chamber of commerce mentality' administration are playing pollution enabler again.

Not content with speeding along and otherwise endorsing ruinous open-pit iron mining in the Bad River watershed, unchecked clean air and water pollution from sand mines, massive groundwater privatization for Big Ag & Dairy, eased wetlands fillings, hundreds more impaired rivers, greater shoreline development, fewer pollution inspections and enforcement actions, expansions of big feedlots, decades more phosphorous pollution in state waterways, widespread nitrate contamination in rural drinking water, the dead zone in Lake Michigan, and smokestack emissions from power plants - - one Wisconsin GOP special interest practitioner who is also a state legislator has come up with yet another way to give polluters freer rein to contaminate the land and water:
The bill, introduced Monday by Rep. Andre Jacque, of DePere, would extend the current 90-day deadline for correcting violations found through the DNR environmental compliance audit program.
Violators would be allowed 180 days for most violations, and would be allowed 360 days if modification of pollution prevention equipment is required.
The bill also would eliminate the current legal requirements that businesses notify the DNR at least 30 days before beginning a compliance audit, and that the public be notified and be allowed to comment on timetables for bringing a business into compliance.
It seems that Jacque has forgotten words attributed to him in a recent news release about phosphorous pollution - - again an issue his party has made worse by extending clean water and clean-up schedules:
Rep. Jacque noted, “Our residents, area businesses and local governments all have unique responsibilities and perspectives to contribute toward protecting water quality. This is a great opportunity to provide input and to ensure all viewpoints and suggestions are considered- everyone that lives and works in a watershed both uses and impacts the quality of our waters.” 
Jacque is also Wisconsin's leading linguist as well as the GOP's expert on women's health programming.
Picture of Representative André Jacque

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Anonymous said...

This is how Michael Best and Fred justify their existence. They stall and stall and stall (and charge and charge and charge) until finally, the crying corporate donor pleads poverty and no fines are given. It makes Cathy Stepp feel like a big shot. She will be surprised when she is no longer head of DNR. The same corporate donors who are clamoring to meet with her now will not be able to remember her name when she passes them on the street.