Friday, April 14, 2017

AP in WI notes strong support for land, water conservation

There were strong pro-conservation outcomes measured at 72 county meetings statewide in Wisconsin which I had noted yesterday hereand, again, here - - 
Basically, people in large numbers want strong protection for land, water and air in Wisconsin. 
- - so I'm glad to see the Associated Press provide all media statewide with a strong story showing that people through their advisory ballots were sending state legislators and the Department of Natural Resources a conservation message statewide.
Wisconsin lawmakers should put future sand mines on hold, delay approval for large farms that could cause pollution and pull permits for high-capacity wells that damage state waters, an overwhelming majority of Conservation Congress spring hearing attendees told the group in its annual survey.
The congress is an influential group of sportsmen that advises the state Department of Natural Resources on policy. It holds annual spring hearings in all 72 Wisconsin counties. A highlight of the hearings is a survey asking attendees for their thoughts on dozens of outdoors and environmental topics. The survey is advisory only but offers insight into statewide public sentiment on some of the most pressing issues the DNR faces.
Its also true that the GOP-controlled Legislature and right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality'-driven DNR have shown little interest in that conservation message, so more political and media pressure is needed.

Side suggestion also for the AP:

Drop "sportsmen" from the style book. Many attendees at the Congress meetings are women. "Conservationists" would do just fine in the year 2017.

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