Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Walker's budget would lock in early brain drain

So we could soon have a Wisconsin-only Reverse Head Start program, the nation's only statewide educational equivalent of making marathon runners begin and finish races with five-pound weights on their ankles.

Look who wants to make the dunce cap our new state symbol:

Scott Walker's K-12 budget drops hours of instruction mandate
Maybe it's because our right-wing GOP Gov. and ideological robotized Scott Walker made something of himself after dropping out of Marquette University short of junior year status and thinks less-is-better when it comes to time in the classroom.

Maybe he thinks the way to stem the documented brain drain out of Wisconsin and keep young people here is by continuously pinching off their learning to better track kids straight into the low-wage jobs his slow-growth policies are creating.

Maybe he believes that young parents deciding about moving to a new state start the search with 'where can we make sure our children will by law get less stupid book learning?'

Or maybe it's Walker's next logical move after diminishing the teaching profession through Act 10, chopping public education funding and drastically slashing the UW system. 

Teachers, demonized. 

School budgets starved.

Now to teaching itself, and making sure teachers have less opportunity to turn the kids into little liberals.

On, Wisconsin

Walker '18.


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