Thursday, April 21, 2016

Scott Walker's successor available & is being carefully groomed

Walker could bolt at any time, and while Tea Party Republican Rebecca Kleefisch may not have been his first choice as Lt. Governor, Kleefisch has been steadily acquiring exposure and credentials that would make her a formidable incumbent should Walker find another job.

Look at how much better positioned and managed she is than other potential Walker successors like the drone-like Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald - - neither of whom are getting coverage like this:
Rebecca Kleefisch tapped to lead national Republican lieutenant governors group
Lt. Gov. Kleefisch calls Israel trip a success
Kleefisch: Millennials Key to Rural Economic Development
Will progressive forces have alternatives and answers should the need arise?

It's going to have to be more substantive than 'Kleefisch said horrible things' because several million dollars of outside right-wing paid media and the public's short attention span can remove any candidate's warts.


Anonymous said...

Can the Democrats find a table,clock or dog to run against her?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Who loves you more, Becky?" That gaffe should be hammered incessantly if Oconomowoc Barbie is the hand-picked successor.

That would be a nice start.

neroden@gmail said...

She's actually more dangerous than Walker, because Walker is a certifiable brainless idiot. I suspect she won't make as many utterly stupid "I'm generating enemies for no reason!" political moves.

Andy said...

She is a professional teleprompter reader and very good at what she does. She is basically a mini-me of Sarah Palin but instead of rapping, sticks to the script.

Anonymous said...

Why not, she's already got the dopey expression down pat. Not sure how she'll deal with the male pattern baldness conundrum, but Koch money can cover a lot of warts.

Anonymous said...

She graduated with honors from UW Madison when it was still a University and not a Tech School. She is not dumb but she is a zealot.