Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walker amps up 'East coast values' dog whistle

You were wrong, Bucky, if you thought Walker was hunkered down in Trump-scheduled meeting to save Wisconsin dairy farmers faced with a May 1 doomsday deadline in the state Walker said was "open for business."

Walker was in Nebraska, campaigning for a local conservative and also for himself as he reprised the middle-class busting wage cuts and divisive politics he spread across Wisconsin through Act 10 as just whats needed in Nebraska:

Walker, whose moves to restrict labor unions have made him a polarizing figure nationally, said there’s a clear distinction between Stothert and challenger Heath Mello. The governor came to Omaha in part as a response to last week’s Mello rally with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
With this Walker twist: 
“Do you want Midwest common sense?” Walker asked about 250 attendees. “Or East Coast radical values?”
Memo to Walker: You're inching towards those 'New York values' which backfired so badly on FUBAR GOP US Senator Ted Cruz during the presidential primaries. 

Meanwhile, Trump is sending Wisconsin dairy farmers the message they should go milk trees

Apparently Walker's OK with that now that Ohama is in the rear-view mirror.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

You mean like "lower wages males it hard to find good people," and "tax cuts lead to lower tax revenues"? That type of "Midwest common sense", Scotty?

Or the common sense is to take a look at the state of Minnesota, who is adding jobs at twice the rate of Wisconsin over the last year, and maybe use some of tgeir strategies instead of sticking with the FAILURE we have here.

Raven said...

Last line of article: "Ohama" - ??? Tsk. Were this by another writer, one might wonder whether it was a buried slam at the former President.... ��