Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Don't be fooled by Trump's visa schtick in Kenosha today

Trump will pretend to be the friend of American workers today in Kenosha, but you will hear only some of the story, and not the part about Trump family interests.

He's to appear alongside all his Wisconsin GOP enablers at a campaign rally-style event to sign an order changing the rules in a visa program and limit hiring preferences for some highly-trained foreign workers whom tech firms like to hire.
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
Trump will claim that he's opening doors for the hiring of more American workers, but his hypocrisy in such matters knows no limit.

Do you think we'll see Trump slam shut another hiring loophole allows him to hire hundreds of immigrant workers who cut the grass at his Florida golf course and serve the meals and clean the grounds at his Mar-a-Largo resort?
Donald Trump’s Florida clubs are hiring — but the jobs will go to foreign workers
And how about the special visa program for wealthy foreigners who can literally invest their way into American and a green card?

A program from which the Trump family has benefited:

Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas
And despite his use of foreign steel in the Trump hotel in Washington, DC and his production of ties and other family business items overseas, Trump will also sign an order in Kenosha requiring more federal purchases of American made products.

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