Thursday, April 27, 2017

Those WI 'harvested' bears belong to all the people

Props to the indefatigable Wisconsin Wolves of Douglas County blog and advocates for the Open Records request that exposed questionable reimbursements to Minnesotans for their hunting dogs run off-leash and lost to wolves.

There have been multiple stories and exposes of this only-in-Wisconsin cash-for-dogs sanctioned cruelty scam - - this one, for example, showed that these payments have even gone to scofflaws - - but it's also important to remember that the bears Wisconsin encourages to be killed by the thousands every year - -
Image result for cathy stepp bear cub
 - - like the wolves which may again regrettably be snared and shot - - are part of the people's wildlife held in trust too often disregarded by the state.

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Boxer said...

DNR Bimbo logic.