Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WI AG Schimel is lead Trump court friend toady

Donald Trump not long ago issued one of his signature Sharpie-signed executive orders requiring any federal agency adopting a new rule to abandon two others.
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It's far-right, ideological knee-jerk governance-by-first-grade-math that has no basis in sound law or reasonable political science - - let alone other science that Trump is erasing through proposed budget and staffing cuts from federal agencies across the board.

But this approach is sure to degrade basic clean air and water or workplace protections which everyday Americans need to live and thrive - - but which interfere with Trump's 19th-century belief that Captains of Industry should be free to hire, fire, buy, sell, co-opt and otherwise dominate the public and the land as if the only thing that matters is a fatter dividend and another drained wetland.

And none other that our own states-rightist/right-wing GOP Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel - - a known captive of special interests  - is leading a partisan and under-reported effort by fourteen Attorneys General to convince a court that Trump's move is a good and legal one.

Further information and links to Schimel's court filing, here:

AG Schimel, 14-State Coalition Defend Executive Order to Ease Overregulation
Apr 18 2017
“In recent years, bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. have been expanding their power and reach through regulatory actions, and little has been done to remove unnecessary federal regulations,” said Attorney General Schimel. “This executive order will protect Wisconsin from more years of the same, allow Wisconsinites to operate in a simplified regulatory environment, and protect our state’s sovereignty.”
The friend-of-the-court brief, filed late Monday, defends the “1-in-2-out” rule, which strives to eliminate unnecessary and costly regulation by requiring the federal bureaucracy to do away with two regulations for every new rule it creates.
Schimel, the Wisconsin version of former Oklahoma AG and current EPA administrator-and-mission-destroyer Scott Pruitt, is signaling to Trump tha it comes to the states carrying water for big business - - like these noted by The Washington Post - - he's the man.

This is not Schimel's first connection with Pruitt:

Donald Trump's pick for US EPA administrator is Scott Pruitt, a corporatist, anti-environmental and anti-Obama co-litigant with Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel - - an appointment which couldn't be worse for clean air, clean water and fair play for citizens.
More, here.
Schimel, by the way, has imitated Pruitt's operation in Oklahoma by setting up within the Wisconsin Attorney General's office a new unit of hard-right lawyers under the supervision of a grandiosely-titled Solicitor General, to sue the federal government.
And speaking of Captains of Industry in need of water carriers, note that Wisconsin's leading business trade association wants a consensus plan to get lead out of Wisconsin drinking water piping - - a plan that does not cost the state treasury a dime - - blocked in the Legislature.

With costs shifted to local property taxpayers whose city budgets are already constrained by GOP-inspired caps and further decimated by Scott Walker-created reductions in state shared revenue.

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