Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WI DNR wants a lot more wetlands info. about Kohler golf course

This blog has followed for some time the proposal by the Kohler interests to cut, fill, level and otherwise convert a 247-acre wetlands, woodlands, dune and native people-rich nature preserve into a high-end golf course along Lake Michigan.

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One hot issue has been the number of acres of wetlands ticketed for filling, and now the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has raised multiple wetlands questions with the applicant, records show.

Click on this link to the DNR's webpage on the permit application.

Then scroll down to "Wetland Permitting Documents," near the bottom of the page and 
open (download) item #12, in pdf format. 

It's a letter back to the applicant from the DNR which indicates that the application is considered incomplete until substantial questions are answered and additional plans are submitted covering a variety of issues to the DNR's satisfaction.

Some samples:
 Describe how the amount of wetland fill was quantified. The application states the preferred alternative directly impacts 3.69 acres of wetland. Identify temporary and permanent impacts...  
 Provide a detailed tree clearing plan for tree removal in wetland. Explain why forested wetland clearing is needed and what has been done to avoid and minimize tree clearing. Include time of year trees will be cleared, method of cutting/clearing, equipment to be used, whether stumps will be removed and if trees will be chipped or stockpiled...
 Provide a forest management plan for the overall site. Include specifics of overall tree removal and evaluate secondary impacts to wetlands (i.e. invasive species, change in hydrology, etc) due to tree removal.
 Provide a detailed restoration plan for any area of temporary wetland impact.
 Provide a vegetative buffer planting plan. Include the location of buffers, dimensions, timing of installation, planting plan (species name and planting rate) and long term maintenance plan forthe proposed vegetative buffer strip adjacent to wetlands.
All very interesting.

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