Thursday, April 6, 2017

Scott Walker, stupid is as stupid does

I heard right-wing WI GOP Gov. and senior word salad chef Scott Walker today on AM 620 WTMJ radio call the US Senate's filibuster rule "stupid" - - a rule which until today had for 240 years required among US Capitol checks and balances a three-fifths 'supermajority'  vote for certain legislative business to take place.

Walker is right: who would favor that kind of super-majority standard when 51% is so routine?
Governor Walker proposes “supermajority" rule for raising taxes
The legislature would need a two-thirds [66%!] vote to raise taxes under a proposal introduced by Governor Scott Walker. 
The bill, introduced by Walker in his first few days as Governor, quickly passed.

To be fair, Walker has held this view for a while, having explained to CNN last year that the filibuster was one of those "inside-the-ballpark Washington" procedures.

Now that's stupid.

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