Saturday, April 15, 2017

Violent candidate leads to violent President

Donald Trump tells a judge he has immunity from responsibility for violence he incited at his campaign rallies.
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
What we didn't fully understand at the time was that his campaign was Trump's bloodletting apprenticeship, that he gets off on violence, and was looking for a way to inflict a bigger bang on the biggest stage.

In the White House less than 100 days, and without a minute of service in the military, Trump has already launched missiles into Syria, dispatched raids into Yemen, dispatched troops to the battlefield and dropped a precedent-setting massive bomb on Afghanistan.

He missed the Vietnam War, but has given us a return to those ugly body count headlines:

Massive U.S. bomb's death toll rises to 94, Afghan official says
As he keeps saying, he's running 'my military,' with 'my generals.'

All in all, a depressing, dangerous and deadly time.



Anonymous said...

For you uniformed, the President is the Commander in Chief and they are his generals regardless of his previous service, if any. At least he's doing something positive.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What is Drumpf "doing positive", Bagger? BE SPECIFIC.

This'll be good...