Friday, April 28, 2017

New negative jobs report for Walker's Wisconsin

Republicans are in charge and running governments from the Wisconsin State Capitol to the White House like businesses and the news ain't good.

*  Trump's first quarter 'growth' was really squishy.

*  And the most recent monthly job-creation estimate just released for Wisconsin is a big fat minus 2,700.

Which won't help right-wing WI Gov. and unparalleled state stagnator Scott Walker meet his 250,000 new jobs' pledge which was the centerpiece of his 2010 and 2012 gubernatorial campaigns it is still out of reach more than two years after the first-term deadline he set.


Anonymous said...

This must be a result of the huge drop in retail jobs.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Walker is a dollar short and a day late. Can't fix stupid!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Bizarrely, it is not. Only 200 of those job losses in March were in retail, and Wisconsin has actually gained 5,000 retail jobs since October. And that's the "seasonally adjusted" number

So when do those stores close in Wisconsin, and show up in the stats. You know it's coming.