Thursday, April 27, 2017

Progress in milk dispute, yes; evidence of Trump/Walker role, no.

Good to see that there are short-term fixes for most of the Wisconsin dairy farms facing possible shutdown over protectionist trade barriers thrown up in Canada.

The life-saving arrangements appear to have been created by others in the Wisconsin business, not government.

I see no evidence that windbag Trump's photo-op promise on the ground in Kenosha
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
of a party line call including "Scott" and "Ron" and "Paul" - - video, here - - ever took place, though Trump later announced a retaliatory tariff on Canadian lumber exports to the US, thus accomplishing nothing except adding $1,200 to the price of average new US home construction, CNBC reported.

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but be suspicious that processors get the same favorable loan terms as the dairies. Will Grassland get money to expand? How about Sargento? What about the CAFOs? Will they be eligible for the loans too?