Tuesday, April 4, 2017

If you're scoring Scott Walker's job-creating record...

Deduct another 380:
JanSport, a company that has been part of the manufacturing identity of the Fox Cities since 1982, will cease operations in its Greenville facility in the coming months, affecting 380 employees.
We've been keeping track recently, and over the years: 
...Northwestern Mutual confirms it's moving forward with "a process" that will cost hundreds of jobs throughout year:
The company has said it expects to lay off “hundreds” of employees in 2017, but has declined to say the total number being eliminated.
Last week, it was La Crosse's turn, noted on this blog, as right-wing WI Governor and failed workplace prognosticator Scott Walker is still tens of thousands of jobs short in year six of the 250,000 new jobs he promised to create after four years as Governor. 

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