Friday, April 14, 2017

'Because every Wisconsin child deserves a crap school'

Could be the Wisconsin GOP motto.


'Local control is dead.'


'Long live Big Government.'

How else to interpret legislation Republicans are introducing to roadblock local school funding referendums which are passing in large numbers because Republican legislators and right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker have slashed and further restricted school funding.

Which forces local residents to dip into their own pockets at tax time through referendums to finance the kind of schools they want and to make sure their kids can compete in the world once they flow out of Wisconsin in the brain drain.

Speaking of brain drain, a leading proponent of legislated-from-Madison-crap school movement is GOP State Senator Duey Stroebel. 

The more reactionary and authentic Tea Partier Glenn Grothman beat Strobel in a primary in 2014 for the right to bring the Wisconsin far-right to Congress, so it looks like Strobel isn't going to let anyone get to his right again.
Duey Stroebel.jpg

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