Sunday, March 12, 2017

Data keep showing Walker's WI jobs fail

Potholes, Wisconsin has aplenty.

Same with promises of new jobs from GOP Governor Big Talk, but actual new jobs, not so much.

Noted the other day:

You could have often read or written this fresh story and headline about Wisconsin's sluggish, stalled, low-wage and dismal economy - - and Walker's broken first-term, 250,000 new jobs-promise - - since Walker was sworn in.  
Wisconsin drops to 33rd in job growth
And the fraudulent, Open Bad for Business Governor's six-year fail is validated again at jsonline. com today, despite this unnecessarily generous headline: 
Gov. Scott Walker's promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin remains elusive
The latest report showed that the state lost 4,000 jobs in December..
For all of 2016, state reports show that employers added 17,200 jobs, by far the lowest annual tally since Walker took office in January 2011. 
The total number of jobs created since Walker took office is 185,208, or 64,792 short of Walker's goal of 250,000.
Third term?



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