Thursday, March 2, 2017

Milwaukee groups oppose wasting $1 billion WI highway dollars

Right-wing WI 'Borrow-and-Spend' Gov. Scott Walker and his GOP-based Legislative/Road-builder Complex 
are grappling with the consequences of their own ineptitude and partisan-self-interest heaped on taxpayers and motorists for the last six years - - crumbling roads and crumbling budgets which Walker and his pals ruined with poor planning and red-ink addiction:
Remember when Wisconsin was set to be run like a business because that's how Scott Walker and Republicans roll?
Well, here we are in year seven of their one-party rule, and their own 'managers' at the Department of Transportation, along with non-partisan analysts, have prepared a memo which confirms what every motorist in our orange-barrel-and-pothole hell statewide already knows:
The roads are a mess, there's not enough money to repair and improve them, the budgets are awash in red ink and taxpayers face mounting congestion and billions in unfunded obligations:
Several Milwaukee-based civic organizations today are showing Walker, his over-spending friends and beaten-down motorists and taxpayers the way to stop  $1 billion from being thrown away on widening a stretch of I-94 between the over-build Zoo Interchange and the overbuilt Marquette Interchange where fiscal reality, the actual landscape and common sense loudly and clearly say 'don't widen the highway.'
Environmental, civil rights and social justice groups have joined forces in filing a federal lawsuit challenging the expansion of I-94 in Milwaukee.
Plaintiffs in the case contend that the I-94 construction project will “have the likely effect of exacerbating regional racial segregation” as well as “adverse environmental effects on air quality and water resources,” according to the court filing.
Plaintiffs in the case the NAACP-Milwaukee Branch, the Sierra Club John Muir Chapter, and the Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH), a multi-racial interfaith organization that advocates for social justice.
As has been known for years.
Story Hill Neighborhood Files Strong Opposition To I-94 Lanes
And years: 
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Back to 2009: 
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