Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When they go lower...they then find a new low

Surprised he didn't say, 'Now I love leaks!'

GOP Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes 
Devin nunes.jpg
must believe that from a partisan perspective - - which is not the platform from which which the chairman of that key committee should operate - -  he'd bungled Monday's hearing where FBI Director Comey revealed criminal and counter-intelligence probes into Trump's campaign, transition and White House.

And he probably got spanked by fellow GOP committee members and all sorts of operatives in and around the White House for having allotted too much time to Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic Intel Committee member, to firm up the multiple lines of Trump-Putin connection.

So in the last hour, Intel Committee chairman Nunes hosted and enjoyed a lengthy news conference at the White House after running over there to breathlessly inform Team Trump outside of all protocols of some legal surveillance information.

A stunt designed to falsely vindicate Trump's anti-Obama Tweetstorm and further muddy the waters to prevent people from grasping an already complex picture.

And, oh, by the way, he also tipped off people under investigation of some details not properly managed by the Committee he chairs.

Nunes is intentionally wrecking the his committee's reputation and four-decade long procedure and derailing the government's ongoing investigation - - which helps only Trump and his people.

And, of course, Vladimir Putin.

That's a new low in partisan service to help a self-destructive Presidency at the expense of democracy and fair play.

The Republic is teetering anew.

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