Monday, March 20, 2017

James Comey, master politician

Textbook political inoculation: Comey knew the FBI had already opened in the summer its major criminal and counter-intelligence investigation against Team Trump
so sandbagged Hillary with his 11th-hour news conference three months later in the fall over those laptop nothing-burger emails and knows Trump's people will be unable to claim any history of Comey bias. Trump today fell back on his rote, "fake news" whining which sounded appropriately crying-wolf tired and weak. 

You don't get to be FBI Director without being a political pro.

Advantage Comey.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Maybe, but everyone of the rest of us lost because Comey went public on his work on Hillary and kept the Trump stuff quiet before the election. That line today where he admitted that the Russians wanted to "help him and hurt her" made me furious.

THEN WHY DID HE PLAY RIGHT INTO THEIR RUSSIANS' HANDS? Comey's no dummy, so my next option is that it was malicious.

Screw that guy. Oh, and don't forget that Ron Johnson knew about all this, and covered it up before his election vs Feingold. He's not legitimate either.

Betsey said...

and likely Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as well . . .

Gay Edgar Hoover said...

Rove, Comey, Stone.

These young twinks are stealing my playbook.

Anonymous said...

Comey is playing a game with the American people. I don't trust him. They are doing an investigation but the conclusion of that investigation is anyone's guess. He could determine that Trump is innocent. Trump is Comey's guy and he made sure he was elected.