Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trump moves out prosecutors, invites prosecution

Our knucklehead President
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
dismissed 46 US Attorneys - - which is his right - - though the house-cleaning en masse look like another stupid "see you in court" move sure to generate unforced backlash just as he did by bashing federal judges and dissing the intelligence community.

People with power in their own right with networks which will make Trump's life miserable and his Presidential tenure tenuous. 

Politics is all about expanding your base and creating allies.

Really smart politicos know how to reach out to opponents and even co-opt enemies.

Apparently ham-handed authoritarian CEO's know how to give orders, but not much else.

And this out-of-tune, out-of-step one-man band is orchestrating isolation and inviting retaliation.

"See you in court" might end end up for The Donald as ironically Karmic as Sen. Mike Flynn's "lock her up" and Mike Pence's 'I didn't know.'


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