Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wire-tapping is 2nd big Trump lie about Barack Obama

The bipartisan co-chairs of the Senate Intelligence Committee today said after confidential briefings that there is no evidence to support Trump's repeated claims that President Barack Obama had wire-tapped or otherwise surveilled Trump or Trump Tower before or after the election.
President Barack Obama.jpg
For self-serving, partisan reasons, Trump also invented the Obama birth certificate issue, then lied about it for years to undermine Obama's legitimacy.

Again and again, Trump has accused Obama of breaking the law.

This high-volume, unprecedented and demeaning public hostility towards Obama is flat-out racist.


Anonymous said...

Racist? How is that opinion drawn?

James Rowen said...

Look at the uniquely tragic struggle for African-American citizenship and legitimacy in America. And if this isn't the worst example yet of, 'blame the Black guy,' I don't know what is.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Riiight. Birtherism has NOTHING to do with Obama's skin color. ZERO.

Are you this stupid in real life?