Friday, March 10, 2017

Subs to DNR magazine Walker is killing spike anew

This blog did its part to get the ball rolling, The Cap Times editor emeritus added his voice, the State Journal already has tracked an upsurge in subscriptions and the Journal Sentinel late Friday adds more proof that Wisconsinites want the long-standing, subscriber-funded DNR Natural Resource Magazine retained:
New subscriptions flood DNR magazine as Wisconsin officials pull plug
It's part of a pattern of information deletions and science dismissal by the agency.

I am surprised that Wisconsin's legislators and environmental organizations are not out front and with the public on this. 

People in large numbers are voting with their dollars. 


Anonymous said...

I want to subscribe too, but I know Stepp will try to divert the subscription fees for her quest to destroy DNR.

James Rowen said...

They are accepting now only 1-year subs. I think subscribing sends a good message.n

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Was thinking the same thing. This bump in subscriptions seems like a logical place to fill a budget hole in DNR

Unknown said...

What are they doing with long term subscriptions, I have one that I continue to extend & it is 5 years out? If they are not going to use it for "education/publication of this magazine or nature, I am not sure I want them using it for irreversible damage to the environment.

Unknown said...

What are they going to do for the individuals with long term subscriptions? I have one that is for 5 years, if they are not using it for education/magazine/outdoor encouragement, I am not sure I want them using it for irreversible environmental damage.