Friday, March 10, 2017

Allegedly smartest GOP leader Ryan fails Insurance 101

And to think this guy has had six years to plan a replacement for ObamaCare. If this is the smartest player on the GOP team - - 
Paul Ryan's official Speaker photo. In the background is the American Flag.
- - while the President is a certifiable conspiracy-nut/wacko bird/talk radio captive with definite Comsimp proclivities - - we're in more trouble than we imagined:
Paul Ryan said that insurance cannot work if healthy people have to pay more to subsidize the sick.
This is literally how all insurance works. If someone's house burns down, some of your fire insurance money goes to help that person rebuild. If someone gets sick, some of your premium, healthy person, goes toward that person's coverage. 


my5cents said...

When my house burns down my insurance dollars go to replace it and when I get sick my premium dollars go to help pay for my care. Yes, others also have to chip in for both things, but they are not the only ones paying. I will still end up with a substantial bill, but not one so big I cannot pay it off over time. When that healthy person gets sick, both mine and other healthy people’s premiums help cover his costs for care too. The only reason I think Ryan doesn’t know how health insurance works is because his accountant handles all of his expenses and he does not have to learn to understand them to manage them. In the middle of last year there was a story published that talked about Ryan as the most overrated intellect in Washington because this is what he keeps on doing: “Ryan offers sweeping, ambitious ideas that would radically transform the fundamentals of America’s social contract. Then, when genuine policy wonks point out that Ryan’s numbers don’t add up, or that his ideas would have absurd consequences, Ryan often responds with a new proposal that is just like the first.” Ryan is still doing the same thing. He hasn’t learned anything in the past nine months.

Anonymous said...

Insurance is sharing the risk.
All forms of insurance (Health, Auto, Vacation Trips, Fire, Flood, etc.) are set up to share the risk.
All Americans need to have affordable health insurance. All Americans need to share the risk for and with each other.