Monday, March 20, 2017

Official Gov. Walker site shows incomplete travel record

On Scott Walker's official state website there is a "Follow Scott Walker on the road" offering with an "activate map" tab showing about 30 Walker stops in Wisconsin. 

Most of the stops shown are undated, though some go back as far as October, so the information is hardly current and of limited value.

It's also incomplete because it omits his considerable out-of-state travel, including:

* A Republican Governors Association event during a NFL playoff weekend in Atlanta in January;

* His attendance also in January at the annual Koch brothers donor event in California'

* The Presidential Inauguration weekend in the Nation's Capital;

February appearances in and around Washington, DC when a conservative activists' organization held its annual conference;

* A late February lunch with Donald Trump at the White House during a National Governors Association get-together.

There may be more: that list represents about twenty minutes on Google.

Why no full disclosure of all of his appearances on "Follow Scott Walker on the road?"

Because that could undercut Walker's pitch to voters for another term as Governor of the state which he frequently leaves for higher-profile exposure?

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