Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Put Save-WI-DNR-Magazine items on 4/10 Conservation Congress radar

I had noted the other day that the annual Wisconsin Conservation Congress was happening statewide on April 10th and suggested people who oppose a sandhill crane hunt in Wisconsin show up for these important grassroots meetings, run for a voting delegate seat and sponsor resolutions in opposition to send that message to the public, Legislature and DNR.

Here is a link to these public meeting and voting procedures.

A reader of this blog, having followed the widespread publicity about Gov. Walker's intention to kill the DNR's popular Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

in the face of its nearly 100-year history and surging subscriptions sent me a terrific idea for another item to have added to these meeting discussions and the eventual voting results:
But wouldn't it be great if at least one sportsmen for Walker introduced a resolution in each county of the state to retain the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine? 
The congress portion of the meeting, like the hearing, is open to every resident of the state. Anyone can introduce a resolution for the congress to consider, which may then be moved up through the congress process.  
The more resolutions on a single topic, the more likely the congress would be to advance the question to statewide vote, like they did with the sandhill hunt.  How to write a resolution: 
It could make quite a statement that sportsmen for Walker want to retain the magazine if there were multiple resolutions introduced across the state. 
Agree completely, and remember, anyone can introduce such resolutions. 

Here is an address list for each of the 4/10 county meetings.

More on the process, here:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 10, 2017, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress will hold its election of county delegates in each county.  
Upon completion of the delegate elections, the joint Spring Department of Natural Resources Rule and Informational Hearing and Conservation Congress County Meeting will convene. 
Immediately following the close of the Conservation Congress County Meeting, the WCC delegates (including those newly elected) will meet to elect the county delegation’s chair and vice-chair.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announces that it will hold public hearings on the fisheries and habitat management protection bureau’s spring hearing agenda, permanent rule Board Order FH-10-16, and a meeting on the wildlife management bureau’s spring hearing agenda at the times and places shown below.

Board Order FH-10-16 is a permanent rule that would modify NR 19-23 and 26 relating to fishing regulations on inland, outlying, and boundary waters of Wisconsin. The wildlife management spring hearing agenda addresses potential changes related to hunting, trapping, refuges and closed areas, and wildlife nuisance control.

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