Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump's Pollution Presidency

So the Bannon-Trump co-dependent and destructive Presidency plans to rollback auto emission standards pleasing the car makers, along with enabling more smokestack greenhouse gas pollution so utilities can make a few more bucks and allowing coal mine runoff into streams and drinking water supplies.

Smog in New York City as viewed from the World Trade Center in 1988

Wait until other countries and consumers start boycotting our imports, and tourists, already cutting back travel to the US, decide in larger numbers to spend their travel dollars in more civilized countries which believe in fishable waters, smog-free air and full life expectancies.

Two questions: Who knew the asthma inhaler, chemotherapy drug and breathing mask manufacturers had such strong lobbies?

And will Trump-Bannon declare cigarettes a health benefit, remove the age restriction on purchases and make them reimbursable under TrumpCare?

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