Monday, March 20, 2017

WI DNR again touts its Walker-doomed magazine

I'd noted the other day that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was praising its popular, subscriber-funded Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine even though Scott Walker disclosed last month that his proposed 2017-'19 budget would end the magazine's nearly 100-year run.

As I wrote:

MADISON - Subscribers to Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine will be treated to some dramatic images of some of Wisconsin's most iconic and historic Great Lakes lighthouse in "Picturing Wisconsin lighthouses," in the February issue that is being mailed this week...
Last but not least is the much-awaited update to a popular groundwater insert - "Groundwater: Powering Wisconsin's Economy." It is introduced by "A peek beneath the surface," taking readers into Wisconsin's basement to discover the aquifers that hold and transport our groundwater. 
Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine as an inexpensive gift that gives all year. Six big issues for $8.97. People can subscribe at 1-800-678-9472 or online at
Not the first time that information released by the DNR is at odds with what has come out of the Governor's Office, and since those offices and leadership all share the same 'chamber of commerce mentality' and conservative ideology that Walker openly has assigned to a compliant senior DNR management team, it's baffling why the two offices are not on the same page.

Is it governance-by-confusion or willful pushback by the DNR to defend its tradition mission?

Back to the magazine, where new subscriptions are spiking, and which Team Walker says will be closed in February, 2018.

I have several times publicly urged people to get on the magazine's subscriber list to help save the publication, and after ordering a three-year subscription and having happily received my first issue I was surprised to find with the bill that arrived Saturday an upbeat note from the DNR that sure doesn't sound like the agency is on board with the magazine being killed through Walker's budget, especially since it says, in boldfaced caps - - UPON PAYMENT ABOVE, YOUR NEW EXPIRE DATE WILL BE DEC. 2019:

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