Friday, March 31, 2017

A Wisconsin reality check, should Trump be forced out

Because I see speculation on social media about Trump's possible ouster or resignation, I want to repost for your political consideration a few grafs I wrote six weeks ago now that multiple investigations threaten the Trump presidency and begin to raise questions of Presidential succession:
[Wisconsinites] Ryan and Priebus no doubt prefer Vice-President Mike Pence as a more reliably conservative Republican incumbent President through at least 2020.
And if Trump is persuaded to leave, as was Richard Nixon, Ryan and Priebus are perfectly positioned to pitch Pence best friend Scott Walker as the appointed Veep to replace the elevated Pence.
Remember that Pence is Righter than right for Republicans on the issues dear to their deeply reactionary hearts, and donors:
Bashing unions, rewarding private choice schools, defunding Planned Parenthood, overturning Roe V. Wade, deregulating Wall Street, adding tax cuts for the rich, and on and on and on.
To which I would add, ditto for Walker - -  current GOP Governors' Association chairman and Pence's trusted 2016 debate coach - - who's right there in line with the right's big issues and donors, too.

Just sayin.' 

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Anonymous said...

Never happen. Pence already bypassed Walker.