Monday, March 13, 2017

Ryan, GOP WH turn backs on 24 million Americans

The Dead-on-Arrival/Trump/Ryan NoCare plan will cost 24 million Americans their health care coverage, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just estimated, and the GOP 
just literally turned their backs on them. 

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my5cents said...

Yes, they turn their backs on the elderly, the poor, and the disabled to give the rich more tax breaks. It has always ticked them off because the ACA made the wealthy pay more taxes and it has been Paul Ryan's sole goal to give them that tax money back. Some of the wealthy are saying they do not want the money back at the expense of the elderly, poor and disabled, that they should keep it to help them. But, that's not how Paul Ryan and Scott Walker work. They both run the "pay to play" scam on taxpayers by giving the wealthy tax breaks so they can donate to their campaigns to keep them in power. In return, Ryan and Walker give them even more tax breaks. It seems to have turned into a vicious cycle. At what point do they stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of a viable well-functioning government for the people.