Friday, March 3, 2017

GOP road-builder pals eyeing social program funding

As predicted Wednesday on this blog - - 
The roads are a mess, there's not enough money to repair and improve them, the budgets are awash in red ink and taxpayers face mounting congestion and billions in unfunded obligations...
Other shoes will drop, including cuts to social programs to divert funding for road projects...
- - we learned this afternoon that the road-builders' legislative friends in high places have their eyes on everyday state programs to keep the piggy bank filled and concrete-pouring machine revved:
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Friday he is concerned about the state canceling the study of a future Interstate project north of Madison and would like to spend additional general fund dollars to keep more transportation projects on track.
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg 
These are the same people who will also give away your water to their big ag and dairy friends.

One-party rule in Wisconsin is absolutely on a one-sided and corrupted single track. 

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