Monday, March 6, 2017

My three-year sub. to the DNR magazine began today

Look what came in the mail today.

Keep subscribing!

Force Walker and the DNR to snub 90,000 subscribers who provide 100% of the popular magazine's costs by going through with his budget plan to kill the magazine.

State legislators and environmental organizations: where are you on this issue that Walker has gifted us?

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Bill Sell said...

Sold on it by the governor. I fell for his pitch on the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine; he tried to close it and a number of us subscribed at that moment to tell him what a wonderful governor he is for a goodly part of the population, developers, real estate agents, and farms that need deep wells with no rules. And so I fell in line and subscribed.

Monday evening I enjoyed most of my first issue with a glass of wine. I could not understand the piece by K Stepp on groundwater and how we must preserve it. I had thought that God took care of the water supply and we are ordered to drink as much as we may need or want. But my Bible study has been less disciplined for a few years; I need this kick in the pants to save my soul from hell.

The mag paints a sweet environmental picture of the State, which is why we won't need the DNR anymore after Stepp. Stepp will have to go back to a real job, with a boss and all that, now that all our water problems are out on the table - to enjoy, yes, to be managed by smart people with lots of money.

Here's looking at you.