Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Walker iconography: polluted water, broken roads, lost jobs, climate denial

Milwaukee is on the road to a new city flag with up-to-date symbols, and Isthmus offered options for a new state banner, so how about some possible new state symbols that highlight right-wing Republican Gov. and reverse Midas-touch Scott Walker's signature achievements which he could add to his home page and official documents:

*  The ubiquitous pothole comes to mind, as Wisconsin's road quality score among the 50 states has fallen to 49th on Walker's watch:

*  Perhaps the logo of one of several departing, iconic employers  - - like Oscar Mayer - - which yanked 1,000 jobs from Madison on Walker's do-nothing watch - - underscoring also Walker's infamously failed pledge to create 250,000 new jobs in four years which is now 65,000 jobs and two-years+ behind:

Oscar Mayer logo.svg

*  How about a plume of cow manure flowing like this one in Kewaunee County from one of the large animal feeding operations which Walker is deregulating, along with rule and legislative changes to give big well-water users easier and permanent access to the nearby groundwater through his ideologically-managed 'chamber of commerce mentality' Department of Natural Resources,

Note that the DNR barely did any inspections of these big feeding operations or wrote up any violations, according to state auditors' records.

*  And let's not forget his appointees' scrubbing of climate change information, even though the greenhouse gas-based 

Smoke stacks from a factory. 
phenomenon is already having an impact on growing seasons, forest health and expensive infrastructure overwhelmed by the warming climate's more intense flooding like last year's northern and western counties' deluges.

Which takes us back to the state's disintegrating roads.

Think about it: disappeared jobs, disintegrated roads, polluted water, assertive climate change denial. 

Quite the combination for the Chief Executive of a tourism-dependent, forest-products rich state fighting a brain drain that is purportedly open for business.


jchuckjohns said...

With the way the republican gerrymander set the lines, all of these miscreants are, for all intents and purposes, guaranteed to be reelected.
They have been ordered by a panel of three federal judges to redraw the districts before the end of 2017. I am very curious about how it will be done.
If they are drawn in such a manner that they no longer heavily favor the repub's, we may have an opportunity to regain some control over our state government. Something has to be done to turn back the red tide that has swept over the political scene.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the 12 deaths in Milwaukee County jails under the 'watch' of the self-promoting Racist cowboy Sheriff. Nor the sexual, physical and mental abuse heaped on children at the understaffed and under-regulated Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake juvenile prisons.